• Financial Loans

    Our loans are collateral based loans
  • Branding | Printing

    We brand & offer all types of printing from small to large scale.
  • Websites | Graphics

    We design & Develop Websites
2023 Theme?

Serving Our Clients with Transparency, Diginity and Expand our Revenue as well as Capital through Service Delievery

Our Objectives

A stable financial system, Safe & Efficient financial system, Fair, Effective, Efficient & transparent organized markets, Safe & Sound financial intermediaries, Well informed & empowered consumers, transparent & fair dealing intermediaries


Financial Loans


Graphic & Website


Branding & Printing

Why choose us?

    Personal Loans

    With our personal loans, your dreams don't have to wait, because Umoyo Micro Loans has your back.

    Business Loans

    We make access to our loans easy, so you can focus on what matters most to you and grow your business.

    Other Services

    We also provide Graphic Designing, Website Development, Branding & Printing We can brand your business with our services, check our products we have worked on through Umoyo Printex

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Our Services

What We Offer

  • Financial Loans Umoyo Micro Loans

    We offer the following type of loans: Personal, Business, Marketeer's & Student loans. Our clients can access the loan as long as they provide a valid collateral and have signed required documents.

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  • Branding & PrintingUmoyo Printex

    We offer branding that creates a unique identity, builds trust & differentiates your business from other competitors. We offer all types of Printing works from small to large scale.

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  • Graphic & Website DesignUmoyo Printex

    We provide Graphic designs that makes your business stand out. We are specialized in Website design for both static & dynmanic sites using the latest technology. get a website for your business.

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    Hotline 24/7

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    Permanent House Room 245, Second Floor, Cairo Rd Lusaka, Zambia.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to be the preferred financial solution providers for Personal credit, Small as well as Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in Zambia.

    Mission Statement

    To be the most preferred market leaders in providing value added smart financial & non-financial solutions to our customers, imporve the quality of life by providing individuals & micro, medium and large enterprises (MMLEs) services beyond expectation.

    achievements & statistics

    Our 3 years of operation

    0 Clients in the world

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    What our clients say?

    “Umoyo Printex is behind our lovely T-shirt branding, Thank you Printex.”

    Zac's Corner

    "Printex is behind our works at Jay Hill Construction, our profile, Logo & cards etc."

    Dalisto Phiri

    “It's all thanks to Printex that our business has a stand out business logo, we love it.”

    Billings Mwale

    “Helpful business loans.”

    PK Loans

    “Easy to access a loan with just a Collateral, wonderful services.”


    “Lucrative experience.”