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Umoyo Micro Loans provides collateral based loans, a customer can access a loan as long as they provide valid collateral and have signed the required documents in order to have their loan approved. Our clients can view the various rates that are being offered and choose what type of loan to apply for. Umoyo Micro Loans provides Personal Loans, Business Loans and Marketeer's Loans.

Personal Loan

This type of loan is offered to any individual who might have a business or not, they can get a loan for their personal use. the loan is offered to any person who has a collateral.

Business Loans

Type type of loan is offered to any person who is interested in starting a business of their choice, they can get the loan once they provide the collateral to us at our offices.

Marketeer's Loans

This type of loan is specially for all the marketeer who might need money to add to their existing capital in order to grow their business, get yourself a loan with us.